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Pine Cobble School
163 Gale Road


Company Description:
Pine Cobble School is an independent day
school serving students from Nursery through
9th grade located in Williamstown, MA.

Job Title:
Math Teacher
Salary Range:Location:
Job Type:Category:
Full TimeEducation/Training
Education Level:Work Experience:
Bachelor's Degree
- Preference:
Pine Cobble School, an independent school for Pre-K through grade 9 in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, seeks a math teacher for grades 6-9, beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.
This job is for you if:

You’re a terrific teacher. You’re positive, upbeat, collaborative, and you have that special sauce that engages and inspires students to work hard, believe in themselves, and achieve more.

You’re excited about math, and you can’t wait to share this excitement with students. You know that the language of the universe is written in mathematics. You understand that if you look at anything closely enough — art, trees, air, insects, a blade of grass -- you’ll find math. You agree with Bertrand Russell that mathematics “possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.” You see that beauty, and you want others to, as well.

You’re aspirational. You set big, lofty goals for yourself and for your students, and you’re always looking for ways to up your own game.

You’re willing to get in the trenches. You understand that making progress in mathematics takes not only hard work and good habits on the part of a student, it also requires patience, purpose, and day-in/day-out passion on the part of a teacher.

You believe in community. You know that a good education requires many partners working together constructively. You’re eager to collaborate and learn from colleagues, and you’re as excited to share ideas with colleagues as you are about working with students.

You work toward inclusion, equity and justice in your classroom. You are familiar with and leverage inclusive pedagogical practices and think about how you meaningfully engage all students in the classroom. You also understand that mathematics, like any other subject, offers opportunities to examine biases and marginalization. You’re ready to examine and discuss these issues, and you strive to create just, equitable, and inclusive classrooms.

You have a proven track record of doing hard things. You know how to plan exhaustively, collaborate with others, persevere, and stay positive.

You have ideas for making use of our 20+ acre campus. Pine Cobble School has a stunning campus with fields, a frog pond, garden, old-growth trees, and even a Tiffany fountain. You’re brimming with ideas for how to use this campus in classroom activities.

You’re eager to connect mathematics to the local region. Want to take students on field trips to nearby art museums to show math’s relevance to Sol LeWitt wall drawings or Louise Bourgeois sculptures? Want to bring college professors to campus to explain big ideas like P vs. NP, or fractal geometry? We want you to do all of these things and more.

You have a wide range of interests. While mathematics will be your primary activity, you’re also eager to jump into other activities, like coaching, running an after-school club, or organizing special events on campus.
This sound like you? Then join Pine Cobble School’s team. We value interdisciplinary learning, real-world projects, collaboration, critical thinking, and all-around awesomeness. Please supply a resume, cover letter and two references to Christy St. John at hr@pinecobble.org by April 1, 2018. A bachelor’s degree in math or the sciences is preferred, and great enthusiasm for teaching and learning mathematics is necessary. In your cover letter, please reflect on how you might contribute to Pine Cobble School's commitment to building and supporting a diverse, equitable and inclusive community.

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