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North Adams Public Schools
37 Main Street, Suite 200


Company Description:
The mission of the North Adams Public Schools is to provide all students with the values, knowledge, and skills needed to reach their full potential, with the ultimate goal of becoming lifelong learners and productive members of the 21st Century.

As a district, we are committed to providing a safe environment in which all individuals embrace the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, shared community responsibility, breadth of learning, and continuous growth and improvement.

Job Title:
Health Administrator (School Nurse Leader)
Salary Range:Location:
Job Type:Category:
Full TimeEducation/Training
Education Level:Work Experience:
Bachelor's Degree
Current Massachusetts licensure as a Registered Nurse (R.N.). - Preference: Required
Current Massachusetts certification as a school nurse B.S. in Nursing from an accredited nursing program - Preference: Required
Job Goal: To provide the fullest possible educational opportunity for each school student by minimizing absence due to illness and creating a climate of health and well-being in the schools.

Supervision: Reports to the Director of Student Support Services and Superintendent. Supervises Nurses, Health Aides, and other personnel as designated by the Director of Student Support Services and Superintendent.

Performance Responsibilities:

Supervises, coordinates, and conducts the total health services program of the schools, including physical examinations, immunizations, postural screening and tests for hearing and vision.
Assumes responsibility for selection and referral of students in need of medical and dental care.
Reports to parents, school personnel, physicians, clinics, and other agencies on school medical matters.
Acts as liaison to school physician.
Oversees maintenance of up-to-date cumulative health records on all students.
Assumes authority, in the absence of a physician, for the development of a care plan of a student or staff member who has suffered injury, emergency illness, or requires accommodations.
Supervises the administration of first aid to students and school personnel.
Coordinates with school staff in developing and recommends written policies and procedures for the clinical services and programs addressing health issues.
Oversees school nurse contact of homes of children referred by principals.
Advises on modification of the educational program to meet health needs of individual students.
Prepares assessments, conducts home visits, and participates in evaluations as mandated by Chapter 766 regulations.
Prepares and submits reports and grants for the Superintendent and the State Department of Public Health.
Authorizes exclusion and readmission of students in compliance with Board policy on infectious and contagious diseases.
Carries out communicable disease prevention and infection control based upon current guidelines for universal precautions, prevention of bloodborne pathogens exposure and hazardous medical waste disposal.
Advises teachers on health matters, particularly regarding screening for student health defects.
Assists school personnel in establishing sanitary conditions in schools.
Attends committee meetings and conferences regarding health service and health curriculum including the district Wellness Committee and School Safety Committee.
Coordinates, develops, and participates in district training programs.
Maintains certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Completes ongoing continuing education programs pertinent to the evolving specialty area of school health and school nursing practice, as well as meet the continuing education requirements for licensure in Massachusetts.
Provides health counseling and education with students and school personnel. Such activities include in-service programs, individual and group counseling, classroom presentations of current health issues, and promotion of health prevention program activities. Provides clinical consultation with school personnel as needed.
Coordinates health services for students as they relate to field trips.
Observes school facilities and recommends modifications necessary to maintain optimum health and safety of students and school personnel.
Develops surveys, questionnaires and other tools regarding health related topics.
Ensures that there is an emergency care plan in place, which is communicated to all staff and is closely coordinated with community emergency care procedures.
Prepares and administers the health services budget; seeks opportunities to apply for outside sources of funding for the school health service program.
Provides input to Principal regarding nurse and health aide evaluations.
Performs all duties contained in the nurse and health aide job description as needed.
Is the nurse on site for after school programs and summer programs.
Assumes the responsibility for the certification and administration of medication as required by Massachusetts General Law.
Any other related duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.

The Committee's policy of nondiscrimination will extend to students, staff, the general public, and individuals with whom it does business; No person shall be excluded from or discriminated against in admission to a public school of any town or in obtaining the advantages, privileges, and courses of study of such public school on account of age, race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness.
Required: Current Massachusetts licensure as a Registered Nurse (R.N.). Current Massachusetts certification as a school nurse B.S. in Nursing from an accredited nursing program. Three years of prior work experience in school nursing or related field, one of which is in a management position. Current C.P.R. certification. Valid driver’s license.
Preferred: Two or more years of prior work experience as a School Nurse Supervisor or equivalent. Master’s degree in a related field. Trainer’s certification.

Special Knowledge/Abilities for Position: The position requires the applicant to be fluent in the use of Microsoft Word. The applicant must have experience with computerized data management, as well as, strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Must be able to work well with numerous agencies and departments.

Physical Requirements: The position requires a moderate amount of walking, standing, sitting and climbing stairs and step stool whenever necessary. Activities also include moderate physical exertion in body movement such as reaching, bending, twisting, grasping, pushing, and pulling of objects. The position requires lifting objects of 20 pounds on a frequent basis, and over 20 pounds occasionally. There is a frequent requirement of fine manipulation associated with the required use of a computer, typewriter, keyboard, calculator, and other business machines.

Environmental Conditions: The occupant is required to work indoors. The regular chemical solvents are toners, inks, and cleaning fluids.

Please submit a completed district application found on our website www.napsk12.org, under staff, then under employment opportunities. Please be sure to indicate which position(s) you are applying for and submit your application along with cover letter, resume, transcripts and any other documents you feel necessary to:
North Adams Public Schools
Attn: Charlene Volff
Human Resources
37 Main Street, Suite 200
North Adams, MA 01247
You may also fax your documents to 413-776-1685 or email to cvolff@napsk12.org

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