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Bart Charter Public School
1 Commercial Street
ADAMS, MA 01220


Company Description:
Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School (“BART”) is a nationally recognized, award-winning, college-preparatory, public middle and high school located in Adams, Massachusetts. As the only charter school in Berkshire County, it is consistently ranked among the top schools in Massachusetts for student academic achievement and growth.
Committed to its mission to prepare its students for college and a lifetime of learning, BART is a community of 363 curious and creative students, devoted and innovative teachers and staff members, and families dedicated to the success of their children. The student body is richly diverse, each member with an important personal story. The School is built around a makerspace, and its academic program comprises an intense academic core curriculum enriched by ample elective courses in the arts and technology as well as opportunities for students to pursue independent creative and scholarly projects. Before they graduate, BART students must pass courses on college campuses, take and pass collegiate-skills courses each year, complete an internship within the region, and participate in a rigorous program of mock interviews, portfolio presentations, and annual science fairs.
The success enjoyed by BART’s students and the School as a whole results from a school culture characterized by the pursuit of excellence and
conviction that each student can succeed in college, regardless of background or previous school performance;
belief that more time for learning, through BART’s longer school day and longer school year, will improve learning;
an emphasis on effort and reflection as keys to students’ growth; and
a strong, intimate community with supports in place for all members to reach, to take intellectual chances, and to achieve remarkable things.

Job Title:
School Nurse
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Full TimeEducation/Training
Education Level:Work Experience:
The School Nurse is responsible for developing, implementing and managing the school health program for all of the students at BART. Responsibilities include program management, nursing services, collaboration, health education, community health planning, and professional practice.

The School Nurse is a full time, school-year position. The School Nurse reports to the Health and Wellness Coordinator and consults with the School’s contracted Physician of Record, as appropriate.

Within the responsibility category of “Program Management,” BART’s School Nurse will
- Establish and manage a comprehensive school health program consistent with Massachusetts guidelines, regulations, and statutes governing nursing and school health as well as local school district policy;
- Consult with the School Physician and School administrators to establish, review, and revise policies, procedures, and specific programs for comprehensive school health education and services;
- Perform vision, hearing, scoliosis, substance use, dental, and other health-related screenings as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health;
- Serve as a member of BART’s COVID Response Team with specific responsibilities in regards to communication with the BART community and with local public health officials;
- Maintain BART’s medical waiting room areas as required by Massachusetts DESE COVID-19 guidance;
- Serve as a member of BART’s medical emergency response team;
- Maintain comprehensive school health records;
- Prepare regular written reports for School officials and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as well as other agencies describing the services provided by BART’s program, numbers of students served, etc.;
- Interpret School health services needs and the role of the School Nurse for the School and community; and
- Carry out communicable disease prevention and infection control based on current guidelines for universal precautions, prevention of bloodborne pathogens exposure, and hazardous medical waste disposal.

Within the responsibility category of “Nursing Services,” the School Nurse will
- Collaborate with the parent/guardian and student, where appropriate, to develop and implement an individualized health care plan for the student;
- Collect information about the health and developmental status of the student, his/her/their family, and significant others, in a systematic and continuous manner including health and social histories, screening results, physical assessment, emotional status, performance level, and health goals; makes home visits as needed;
- Develop a nursing diagnosis and care plan with specific goals and interventions delineating school nursing actions specific to student needs and coordinated with the efforts of other providers and -School personnel and will implement plans in a manner aimed at improving health and educational status;
- Provide medically prescribed interventions, including medication administration (based on Massachusetts regulations), and provide care to ill children on a daily basis;
- Responsible for the safe dispensing of medication, and creating and overseeing a medication delegation program;
- Respond to frequently encountered health issues; collaborate with school counselors and assist with crisis interventions as needed —e.g., adolescent pregnancy, substance abuse, death of a family member, and suicide—and respond to child neglect or abuse issues (as required by Massachusetts statute); and
- Provide first aid to injured children and staff; provide everyday care of acutely ill children; and manage children with communicable disease.

Within the responsibility category of “Collaboration,” the School Nurse will
- Collaborate with other professionals, team members, and community providers in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and other School health activities to maximize and coordinate services and prevent duplication;
- Establish a process to identify students at risk for physical and psychosocial problems, communicate health needs to other School personnel as appropriate and establish a referral system using both internal and community resources;
- Participate as a team member, with parental consent when indicated, in sharing information with other team members about children with special health care problems that affect learning and growth; act as an advocate for the student and family when appropriate; attend Special Education Team meetings as appropriate;
- Include the student and parent in the team conference whenever possible and appropriate;
- Identify health-related needs for inclusion in a student’s education plan; and
- Serve as a member of pertinent committees and teams (e.g., crisis intervention team).

Within the responsibility category of “Health Education,” the School Nurse will
- Assist students, families, and groups to achieve optimal levels of wellness through health education and promotion:
- Assume responsibilities for in-service programs for School personnel for first aid, emergency care procedures, and current health issues; and
- Act as a resource in health education to School personnel, students, and families as well as serve as a member of the curriculum committee for health education.

Within the responsibility category of “Professional Practice,” the School Nurse will
- Apply appropriate nursing theory as the basis for decision-making in the school setting while expanding knowledge and skills in response to student health needs and participating in research:
- Demonstrate current knowledge in such areas as (a) professional issues in school nursing; (b) school and community health; (c) communicable disease control; (d) growth and development; (e) health assessment; (f) special health conditions, both chronic and acute; (g) injury prevention and emergency care; (h) health counseling, health education, and promotion; and (i) current adolescent issues; and
- Assume responsibility for continuing his/her/their own education and obtain expert consultation, supervision, and peer review as needed.
- Ability to handle unforeseen challenges and acute health-related situations within a dynamic organization
- Have a valid license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts
- Hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from a college or university program in nursing that is accredited by the National League for Nursing
- Have at least two (2) years of supervised nursing experience in community health or child health prior to entry into school nursing practice
- Meet or be prepared to meet the school nurse certification requirements as developed by the Massachusetts Department of Education
- Certification in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, AED, and First Aid from a recognized provider (e.g., American Heart Association)
- A team player with a sense of humor and a dedication to working with a diverse, creative school community.

BART seeks to increase the diversity of its faculty and staff and enthusiastically encourages applications from individuals who are members of groups traditionally under-represented in academia. Those who can see themselves in the role of School Nurse at BART Charter Public School should send via email a résumé, cover letter, and full contact information for three professional references to employment@bartcharter.org. The cover letter should be addressed to BART’s Executive Director, Dr. James White. Review of completed applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

BART Charter Public School is an equal opportunity employer. BART does not discriminate in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its services, programs or activities, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, homelessness or age.

For more information about BART and its programs, please visit www.bartcharter.org.

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